...about Dolly
Painting is her passion and color is her world, depicted on architectural scenes, garden settings, and landscapes of artist, Dolly Colwell.
Artist Dolly Colwell In what could be considered her third career, having raised a family and been in the business world professionally, she succumbs to the creative expressions so second nature to her being.

Over the years, she perfected painting intricate miniature scenes and portraits on Christmas ornaments. She has taken this experience to the canvas. Her primary love Is using oil with heavy application of brilliant color.

Her work has been featured in private showings as well as the many local and regional juried exhibits.
...about Dolly's ornament art

Classic Christmas Collection

Exquisite hand painted glass ornaments created by Dolly Colwell consist of hundreds of brush strokes to achieve the intricate detail.

Every time they are admired, something different is discovered, making the joy of viewing them a lasting pleasure. The tradition of adding another to a collection has been the highlight of Christmas to the collectors of "Adornments" by Dolly.

How it all began....

"Many years ago, the family had grown large in number with the proliferation of in-laws and grandchildren. Christmas shopping and gift selection was losing its charm and putting great stress on family budgets. The obvious solution was to "draw names".

Oh, but that didn't set well with my father whose greatest joy in life was the "Gift of Giving". He would not be denied the joy of "giving" to each and every one of his offsprings. His suggestion was to give "non-purchased" gifts. This was a beautiful thought and quite a challenge.

My father crafted gifts in his shop. Mother gave heirlooms that might haven been passed on by writ of her will. Sisters baked and sewed, made wreathes and filled baskets with warmth and wishes. Sons practiced their woodworking; daughters experimented with string-art and seed pearls. Tots and toddlers wrapped their handprints in colored paper and tied ribbon around their works of art.

Oh, my, what a beautiful Christmas it was. The laughter, the love and the giving was the greatest.

That was the Christmas I began painting Christmas scenes on ornaments. They were so charming that they became a favorite among my family. After the short-lived tradition of non-purchased gifts faded, everyone still insisted on a "Christmas Ornament" from me.

Soon, their popularity spread to friends who began their own collections. Over the years, these ornaments have taken on a unique style with more detail, some circling the orb, depicting intricate scenes using depth and texture. Each year the collection seems to top the one before and gives me great pleasure to paint and to share."


"The Christmas ornaments designed and painted by Dolly Colwell are "treasures of the heart". Each ornament is unique and represents a "treasured moment" in the life of the individual!! Dolly focuses her creative talents on selecting the perfect "representation" and then executes the details with the feather tough of her brushes. For the perfect gift from your heart to one you love and cherish, Dolly's inspiration to capture the spirit of family, of friendship, and "forever" is magical. At the Christmas Season, when I give the " ornament by Dolly", I have given a most perfect gift!!"

Jerri Sutton
Beaufort, NC

"I love to collect beautiful art; especially when I know the artist, so I purchased an exquisite Christmas ornament from Dolly's collection several years ago. The perfection she achieves in these paintings is what strikes me each time I gaze on my little treasure that I keep on display year round."

Mary Lee Hobbs
Greenville, NC

"Dolly's ornaments deep meaning and value to me is probably best illustrated by the fact that after spending Christmases away from home, I return on December 27th and actually put up the tree to enjoy through Epiphany. Each ornament has special significance and is a treasured possession gifting me with a trip down memory lane each year as the tree is trimmed. Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without these "love-filled" works of art!"

Madeline Nix
Roswell, GA

"For years, before our beloved Aunt Billie passed away, she had Dolly paint a unique Christmas ornament for Mom, my sister and me. They are wonderful. It is amazing how Dolly would capture the essence of each year for us. When my daughter celebrated her 16th birthday, she was added to Aunt Billie's ornament list. She absolutely treasurers an exquisite ornament of 16 lovely Christmas Candles nestled in garland painted around the orb. They are so very special and enjoyed as they bring back wonderful memories of Christmases past with Aunt Billie."

Sherry Faithful
New Bern, NC

"I treasure the hand-painted ornaments as my most valued Christmas collection, which I started in 1994. Each year when the unique ornament created just for me is added it is a highlight of the Christmas Season. Dolly has a very special talent, and I love what she has done for me. My collection has a Teddy Bear theme; each is amazing. Decorating a tree just for these ornaments is special as I unpack and admire each one. Anyone who comes into my home during the season, has to take time to admire this fabulous collection."

Cassie Causey
Grifton, NC

"Thanksgiving is the beginning of the Christmas celebration for our family. As we gather to give thanks and share family memories, we are excited because we will be receiving our beautifully painted ornaments from Aunt Dolly. Each one has been painted to signify something unique to each of us chronicling fond memories of the year. We wait patiently and open one by one so we can share the excitement and beauty of each. It is wonderful to admire and remember the year we received them as they are unveiled for display each Christmas. They are truly incredible and treasured keepsakes."

Marty Vainright
Greenville, NC